Welcome to the world of ETFE (Ethylene tetrafluoroethylene), a revolutionary transparent fluoropolymer material that combines exceptional properties with boundless possibilities. Architects, builders, and engineers around the globe have come to rely on ETFE for its remarkable performance characteristics, making it a go-to choice for a wide range of applications.

Just imagine the potential of a lightweight and highly durable material that offers unparalleled benefits. ETFE has become an integral part of architectural, construction, and engineering projects, pushing the boundaries of design and functionality. Its transparency allows for an abundance of natural light, while its UV transmission properties provide a safe and sustainable environment.

When it comes to large-span roofing, skylights, and facades, ETFE shines. Its ability to transmit light and UV rays makes it perfect for creating expansive and inviting spaces, while its strength and durability ensure longevity and structural integrity.

One of the most exciting advantages of ETFE is its ability to demand less structural steel support compared to traditional glazed systems. This not only simplifies installation but also makes it a cost-effective alternative. ETFE is often considered a value-engineered option over glass roofing, offering the perfect balance of functionality, aesthetics, and affordability.

At Fabritecture, we take pride in our expertise in working with ETFE and pushing the boundaries of lightweight architecture. Our team of innovators and visionaries is dedicated to creating structures that not only defy convention but also cater to the needs of our clients. With our global experience and unique capabilities, we have successfully completed numerous ETFE projects that have redefined the possibilities of modern design.

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Our Projects

Cockburn Aquatic Centre, ARC, ETFE, Fabritecture, fabric structure Cockburn Aquatic & Recreation Centre

Cockburn Aquatic and Recreational Centre in Perth, Australia underwent a $109 million redevelopment in 2016/17, providin...

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CommBank Stadium (Formerly Bankwest Stadium)

Western Sydney Stadium (also known as CommBank Stadium, formerly Bankwest Stadium) is the new 30,000 seat sports stadium...

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The Glen Shopping Centre

The Glen ETFE entry canopy was designed to cover the outdoor food court area as part of the shopping centre’s AUD$490 ...

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Oran Park ETFE Library

As part of the new library and community resource centre at Oran Park, Fabritecture was contracted for the design & cons...

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Gunyama Park Aquatic and Recreation Centre

Triple-layer ETFE pneumatic cushion roof at an aquatic & recreation centre in Sydney....

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The Rady Shell, San Diego Symphony

San Diego Symphony's architecturally remarkable and acoustically superior waterfront concert venue....

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Australian Embassy, Jakarta

Fabritecture was contracted for the design and construct of the ETFE pillow roof structure covering the internal courtya...

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Elizabeth Quay

The Elizabeth Quay Ferry Canopy is an innovative fabric architectural ETFE structure with custom printed artwork and an ...

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The Canopy at Rosenthal

The Canopy at Rosenthal is a complex redevelopment project in Lane Cove, Sydney including over 6,000m2 of public space, ...

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Dockside Pavilion

This unique tensile fabric venue was designed and constructed by Fabritecture to accommodate business, events, and the l...

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Yogyakarta International Airport

Double-layered ETFE cushions form the roof of the Yogyakarta International Airport in Indonesia....

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Barangaroo Ghost Net Collective

Fabritecture was selected by Lend Lease to work on a wonderful project involving the installation of stunning artwork on...

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Jakarta International Stadium

Jakarta International Stadium has recently completed construction at Tanjung Priok, in Jakarta, Indonesia. The 82,000-se...

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Barangaroo ETFE Canopy Sydney 1 Barangaroo South ETFE Canopy

Award-winning triple layer ETFE cushion loggia canopy in Sydney, Australia...

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Warringah Mall ETFE Atrium

As part of Warringah Mall’s $310 million redevelopment, Fabritecture was contracted for the design and supply of 4 lar...

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Oran Park Shopping Centre

Fabritecture was contracted for the design & construction of a 3-layer ETFE pneumatic cushion skylight for the Oran ...

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