The Shell, San Diego Symphony

The Shell in San Diego Symphony’s new bayside venue will be the first permanent year-round bayside concert venue in the nation that is operated by a symphony orchestra.

The overall project includes development of a range of public facilities, including restrooms, fitness facilities & rest areas. Food pavilions and a small stage are also part of the master design plan.

To achieve it’s incredible surround sound, the venue features top-quality loudspeakers, reverb-enhancing equipment, digital processing, patented algorithms, microphones and various proprietary certification techniques. 19402

Architect: Tucker Sadler Architects
Engineering: Wade Design Engineers
Drone Footage: Pink Media Productions

Drone footage:

Location: San Diego, CA
Completion Date: 2021
Size: 55,208sqft (5,129sqm)
Fabric: Chukoh FGT-800 PTFE & ETFE