Cockburn Aquatic & Recreation Centre

Cockburn Aquatic and Recreational Centre in Perth, Australia underwent a $109 million redevelopment in 2016/17, providing state-of-the-art facilities to Cockburn Central West.

The project included the design and construction of 10 ETFE skylights to be inlaid into the sloping roof of Cockburn ARC. There were 3 separate designs for the skylights, alternating between double and triple-layered ETFE cushions to fill the 10 skylight positions.

The solution had to be aesthetic, yet practical and provide plenty of natural light transmission into the area below. The ETFE pillows span across the forecourt of the aquatic centre. 15111


2017 IFAI Award of Excellence: Cockburn Aquatic & Recreation Centre

Location: Cockburn Central, WA Australia
Completion Date: 2016
Size: 151sqm (1,625sqft)
Fabric: White ETFE