Dockside Pavilion

This unique ETFE venue was installed by Fabritecture to accommodate business, events, and the local community during the construction of the Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre. The engineering of the fabric was influenced by the floating/moving platform on which it was built.

The premium fabrics have life expectancies of 20-25 years, are low maintenance with self-cleaning properties, and are 100% recyclable. The LED lighting system creates a unique experience, and a creative way to brand an event.

The lightweight portability of the Dockside Pavilion structure has created future opportunities once the venue is no longer needed on the Harbour. This proves that lightweight structures can offer much better holistic benefits over conventional buildings. 13307

Location: Sydney, NSW
Completion Date: 2014
Size: 1,680m2
Fabric: Ferrari 802s PVC + ETFE