PTFE is a high quality woven fibreglass membrane coated in Teflon (Polytetrafluoroethylene), and is an ideal fabric for tensile membrane structures. PTFE fabric is high quality, weather, fire and UV resistant, and extremely durable. The Teflon coating creates a smooth surface that allows the fabric to be ‘washed’ by the rain, reducing the need for frequent cleaning. The membrane behaves elastically under normal conditions, does not creep or stress relax, and has a life expectancy exceeding 30 years. A standard PTFE warranty ranges from 12-15 years.

PTFE is highly reflective, making it ideal for shade structures, as it can withstand high temperatures (-73°C – 232°C) without transferring much heat. This is the defining feature of PTFE that differentiates it from conventional glazing. Testing has indicated that up to 80% of solar energy is reflected, with an 8% rate of absorption by the fabric itself. Some grades of PTFE however, can absorb up to 14% of solar energy, allowing a 12% rate of transmission through the fabric.

PTFE can be spot-welded, or sewn which creates excellent fabric strength, and removes the concern of creases and splitting as a result of repeated folding and flexing of the material by improving durability.


PTFE fabric has the ability to evenly disperse light, restricting the need for artificial lighting during the daytime, and creating an environment in which indoor plants and flora can survive.

Sound Absorption

Given the air permeability and flexibility of PTFE, it has tremendous sound absorption properties. External noise is capable of being isolated to meet the noise criterion of various buildings, while reverberation is directly relative to the internal size of the structure. Acoustics are clearly enhanced for smaller rooms, and can be treated to accommodate larger scale environments such as stadiums and aquatic centres.


PTFE fabric is a low maintenance option that still offers exceptional quality, strength and a long lifespan. UV light bleaches the fabric, generating a bright and clean aesthetic. The self-cleaning properties created by the Teflon coating allow the fabric to resist moisture and remain clean and bright after installation.

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