Gunyama Park Aquatic and Recreation Centre

The Gunyama Park Aquatic and Recreation Centre redevelopment is now Sydney’s largest pool complex since the Olympics in 2000. The project included the construction of a triple-layer ETFE pneumatic cushion roof over the centre. The ETFE cushioning system is clad amongst Glulam timber beams to create a uniquely architecture roof feature for the centre.

The top and bottom layers of ETFE are 200μm thickness with 80% and 63% frit respectively, with a 100μm middle layer. ETFE was selected for the roof due to its chemical stability (it will not degrade under UV or chemical exposure), it’s durability (expected life of 50+ years) and its acoustic transparency. This means that when noise is created within the pool environment, 70% of the sound will pass out through the roof, creating a comfortable internal environment. 16003


2021 STA Award for Excellence (Category 13)

Location: Sydney, NSW
Completion Date: 2019
Size: 1,452sqm (15,629sqft)
Fabric: PVC; ETFE (triple layer)