CommBank Stadium (Formerly Bankwest Stadium)

Western Sydney Stadium (also known as CommBank Stadium, formerly Bankwest Stadium) is the new 30,000 seat sports stadium in Parramatta, NSW. The stadium is an initiative backed by the NSW Government to provide a large 28,500sqm regional stadium that was “made for the fans”. A large focus of the grandstand design was to bring patrons as close as possible to the field, creating a truly spectacular experience for all sports fans. Our scope of the project was the design and construction of the stadium roof and eyelid roof over the incredible, steep grandstands of the new Stadium.

The main objective of the project was for the main roof to appeal as a soffit-style roof where the main PTFE fabric is underslung off the steelwork to give clean lines from below while simultaneously hiding the supporting steelwork. A key benefit to the client of underslung fabric was the steel roof structure being hidden from spectators allowing more cost-effective steel detailing as there was less focus on aesthetics.

The ETFE around the leading edge of the roof was specifically selected to allow UV light to pass through the membrane and assist in the growth of the pitch below whilst offering full cover rain coverage. 17013

Aerial Photography: Ethan Rohloff Photography


2020 STA Special Commendation: Bankwest Stadium

Location: Sydney NSW Australia
Completion Date: 2019
Size: 27,939sqm (PTFE: 23,398sqm; ETFE: 4,541sqm)
Fabric: FGT-800PTFE & AGC Fluon Clear ETFE Film (300µm)