Barangaroo Ghost Net Collective

Fabritecture was selected by Lend Lease to work on a wonderful project involving the installation of stunning artwork on behalf of Ghost Net Collective, a Cairns-based art company.

Ghost Net Collective is a group of talented artists who transform abandoned beach rope and fishing gear into beautiful works of art. The artwork, in the form of manta rays, is installed on the underside of the Barangaroo South ETFE Canopy, which we built a few years ago.

Each of the 11 gigantic rays is about 2.8m (9ft) wide and made up of aluminium framing and lethal ghost nets recovered from the sea. These nets are known to harm sea life, especially turtles. The manta rays are individually designed using lethal ghost nets, creating a unique and captivating display.

To highlight the beauty of this installation, a combination of LED lighting and top-notch projectors imported from Canada are used. This creates a stunning visual experience that will leave you in awe. 22078

Photo Credit: Lend Lease

Location: Sydney, NSW
Completion Date: 2023
Size: N/A
Fabric: Stainless Steel Members & Cables (no fabric)