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What an incredible take home at the 2018 Lightweight Structures Association Australiasia conference this week! This was final industry awards event for 2018, and has seen us come home with a win for 5 out of 8 entries! The Gold Coast Cultural Precinct project was submitted as a collaboration by ARUP Group, which also won an award!

As always, a massive congratulations to everyone on the team! Without your hard work and commitment to excellence this wouldn’t be possible, so thank you to each and every one of you. The winning projects are:

Oran Park Library

2018 LSAA Commendation Award in Category 1 (Small Structures)

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In late 2017, the new Oran Park Library & Community Resource Centre underwent an AUD$13.8million development. Part of the works was a design & construction contract for a lightweight architectural ETFE façade at the front of the library. The façade faces the Western sun, providing an effective solar barrier from the heat, and adding a striking aesthetic to the building.

>> Click here to read the submission for Oran Park Library <<


Capital Square Podium

2018 LSAA High Commendation in Category 2 (Medium Structures)

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The Capital Square Podium project was part of an overall construction of 3 office towers and the Podium building. A series of circular architectural fabric structures were built on the terrace, using Ferrari Soltis 381 mesh to create ambient shaded areas during the day, and an integrated LED lighting system to produce an element of excitement at night-time.

>> Click here to read the submission for Capital Square Podium <<


Scarborough Foreshore

2018 LSAA Award of Excellence in Category 3 (Shadecloth Structures)

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Our scope of the Scarborough Foreshore project included the design & construction of three steel-framed arbour structures that were to be installed as part of a regional redevelopment of Scarborough. The structures are comprised of 31 architectural ‘tree-like’ stands that support the mesh & realise the architectural vision of the structures. They are placed along the South beachfront, North beachfront, and Intergenerational Plaza of Scarborough

>> Click here to read the submission for Scarborough Foreshore <<


Westfield Carousel

2018 LSAA Award of Excellence in Category 2 (Medium Structures)

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 The design brief called for a series of sunshade structures that used a unique system of double curvature steelwork, incorporating louver blade systems as the shading system. The direction of the steelwork was combined with double curvature around the perimeter ring beam to position the louvers at a slight twist. This created an interesting feature effect as the louvers don’t line up with the next, producing a unique shadow pattern.

>> Click here to read the submission for Westfield Carousel <<


Westfield Chermside

2018 LSAA Award of Excellence in Category 7 (Special Applications)

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The Westfield Chermside Urchin project is a large, iconic architectural structure situated in middle of the alfresco dining area of the centre. The structure was originally named the ‘bird cage’ due to its arching shape but was renamed to the ‘urchin’ after the design changed to include a series of aluminium cladding panels.

>> Click here to read the submission for Westfield Chermside <<


Gold Coast Cultural Precinct (HOTA)

2018 LSAA Award of Excellence in Category 6 (Collaboration)

Congratulations to our project partner, ARUP Group for entering and winning the Home of the Arts Outdoor Stage! It was a pleasure to be involved in such an exciting project!

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As the first project to be delivered from the HOTA masterplan, the Outdoor Stage welcomes people 24/7. It is a highly versatile venue – a black-box theatre with a back wall that folds away completely, opening the box out onto an amphitheatre with seating and lawn space for 5,000 people.

>> Click here to read the submission for the Gold Coast Cultural Precinct <<


Thank you!

Thanks again to everyone involved who helped make these projects come to life! We couldn’t do it without you!

The full list of 2018 LSAA Design Award submissions can be found on the LSAA website here.


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