“We work only with the world’s leading fabricators and the world’s best materials.”– David Gullis, Director

At the heart of the ‘Fabritecture Way’ is Building Information Modelling (BIM). This involves the use of 3-D, real-time modelling software linked to a database of project information to increase productivity in design and construction, this embraces building geometry, spatial relationships, geographic information, quantities and properties of all building components.

Often working high above the ground in exposed conditions, Fabritecture’s in-house team of tensile fabric installers work a courageous form of high-wire magic, pushing steel, cable and fabric to the farthest edge of daring design.

Fabritecture brings over 70 years of experience and understanding of these amazing materials to every project. Add to that our close relationship with leading tensile fabric manufacturers in different countries across the world and you will understand why we are able to work so flexibly and build so cost-effectively.

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