Fabric Architecture

Recognised as a global ground-breaker in the design and construction of tensile fabric structures, Fabritecture specialises in the creation of unique bespoke architecture- from design to construction. Every Fabritecture custom fabric structure is designed and built to the strictest standards for safety and quality.

Fabric Structures

Fabritecture custom fabric structures are pre-engineered, weatherproof solutions that are economical, and designed to be rapidly installed, relocatable, and completely recyclable. Our fabric structures cater to a range of possibilities, including educational, sporting, retail, event, medical, resort, and cultural venues.


Where Dreams Take Shape

Incorporating PTFE, ETFE, PVC and mesh for their specific strengths as shade solutions, the canopies, shades and tensile membrane structures of Fabritecture push the frontiers of form and function. As well as providing custom structures, Fabritecture supplies, delivers and installs Global Fabric Structures, a range of pre-engineered fabric structures for quick deploy requirements in aviation, mining, remediation, civil works, as well as temporary structures, which are available for purchase through Fabritecture or for rent through Allsite Structure.

This isn’t a site about shapes, structures and shade solutions, nor is it about tensioned fabric technology. This is a site about daring to dream, and finding the place where your biggest, boldest dreams really do take shape.

Queensland Tennis Centre