Yeppoon Lagoon Shade Structures

Upon review of the Lagoon site in sunny Yeppoon, Central Queensland, the Livingstone Shire Council (LSC) determined the need for multiple structures to provide shade protection for patrons in three areas:  over the grassy area (Area 1), over the concrete plinth by the swimming pool (Area 2), and over the BBQ area (Area 3).

The requirement was to provide functional, yet aesthetic shade protection with a minimum UPF 50 for each of the areas with structures with a design that blends with the existing infrastructure and environment at the lagoon.

The structures needed to blend seamlessly with the existing infrastructure and tropical environment at the lagoon whilst withstanding the high salt environment, providing the required longevity of 15 years.

The result of the project is 7 beautiful steel supported structures providing functional yet highly aesthetic and unique shading for patrons at a beautiful seaside lagoon location. The three areas are covered with a combination of three HDPE shade cloth intersecting circular structures and 4 cantilevered perforated aluminium clad structures, all of which will provide UPF 50 shade protection which will last 15+ years. 21054

Location: Yeppoon, Qld, Australia
Completion Date: 2022
Size: 425sqm
Fabric: HDPE Mesh Shade Cloth; Perforated aluminium