Sydney Harbour Remediation

For the Sydney Harbour Remediation project in Sydney, NSW, Fabritecture was required for the supply and installation of a series of TFS 380 fabric structures to complete extensive soil remediation works on a harbour-side site.

The project utilised a sub-assembly rail system that was used to improve accessibility as works moved around the site. The system allowed for a set amount of bays to be moved around the site, rather than installing and uninstalling the structures each time.

The structures were fabricated and installed with an emissions control system and removable internal liner to ensure safe, secure remediation works. Material fabrication coordination occurred in 8 different countries, including France, Germany, Turkey, China, the Philippines, New Zealand, North America and Australia. 14040

Location: Sydney, NSW Australia
Completion Date: 2019
Size: 10,000sqm (107,640sqft)
Fabric: Serge Ferrari 502 PVC