Perth Children’s Hospital

The new Perth Children’s Hospital outdoor recreational area shade canopies feature an intricate design of complex steel geometry with custom fabric patterns using the colourful Serge Ferrari Stamisol FT-381 range.

The structures were designed to be highly interactive, whilst working harmoniously with the interactive kids environment. Although they are relatively small in size, the project is very complex in construction, consisting of intricate steel geometry and extravagant fabric patterns.

The design of the canopies was developed to be functional, yet interactive and stimulating for the kids using the playground beneath them. The canopies emphasise the commitment of the Hospital and its facilities to the kids that use them. 13262


2016 STA Award for Excellence: Perth Children’s Hospital
2016 LSAA High Commendation: Perth Children’s Hospital

Location: Perth, WA
Completion Date: 2015
Size: 204sqm (2,583sqft)
Fabric: Stamisol FT381 PVC Mesh