Mater Townsville Hospital Car Park

Fabritecture was contracted for the design and construct of the Mater Townsville Hospital Car Park Façade. Nestled within the Mater Townsville Pimlico Campus, this multi-level complex demanded a transformation that not only enhanced its aesthetic appeal but also improved its functionality.

To achieve this, Fabritecture employed a strategic approach, installing aluminium screens and louvres as key elements of the facelift. These additions not only added a touch of modernity to the structure but also served practical purposes. The aluminium screens acted as an attractive shield, providing shade and shelter to parked vehicles, while the louvres allowed for efficient ventilation and light control. 21081

Location: Pimlico, QLD
Completion Date: 2022
Size: 3,188m2 (34,315ft2)
Fabric: Aluminium cladding (no fabric)