Dreamworld Steel Taipan Facade

Dreamworld on the Gold Coast proudly introduced its latest attraction, the Steel Taipan ride, which made its grand debut in late 2021! This cutting-edge roller coaster, with an investment of AUD$32 million, boasts a 1.2-kilometer track and proudly holds the title of the Southern Hemisphere’s inaugural triple launch system. This groundbreaking technology catapults the train both forward and backward before propelling it forward once more, all at an electrifying top speed of 105 km/hr!

Fabritecture were contracted for the design and construction of the custom feature fa├žade located at the entrance to the rollercoaster. To create the taipan snake scale texture, 453 identical thermoplastic panels were connected together from behind. The unique aesthetic of the structure matches the reptilian theme of the ride, along with the architectural intent of the Gold Rush County section of the theme park. 20115

Location: Gold Coast, QLD Australia
Completion Date: 2021
Size: 39m2 (419ft2)
Fabric: ShapeShell-RT (No Fabric)