Broadbeach Cultural Precinct

Fabritecture was commissioned to design and construct a striking metal facade for the newly renovated Broadbeach Cultural Precinct, located in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. This innovative facade features a sequence of triangular aluminium fins, set within a stainless steel cable grid. Each fin is adorned with a unique perforated pattern on the aluminium panels, adding visual interest.

Vertical aluminium batten screens serve as both artistic elements and fencing solutions to protect public amenities. To further secure the area, an additional tension cable mesh was installed along the northern wall, effectively enclosing the space without sacrificing air circulation.

This undertaking was part of a more extensive refurbishment project, encompassing several key community facilities:

  1. Broadbeach Cultural Centre

  2. Broadbeach Community Space

  3. Broadbeach Library

  4. Cuppa Community Cafe

The comprehensive renovation greatly benefits the local community by enhancing facilities, providing performers with superior rehearsal spaces, and increasing the availability of parking in this densely populated area. 22034

Location: Gold Coast QLD, Australia
Completion Date: 2023
Size: 911sqm (9,806sqft)
Fabric: Aluminium cladding (no fabric)