Queensland Country Bank Stadium

The Queensland Country Bank Stadium (formerly North Queensland Stadium) project is a multi-sport, regional stadium built in Townsville, Queensland. The centrally-located stadium has the capacity to seat 25,000 spectators in the heart of Townsville’s CBD.

Fabritecture was contracted for the design and construction of the roof truss cladding in PTFE, and the tensile fabric kites in the rear of the trusses in TX30 PVC. The main cladding of the roof is not fabric, only the trusses are clad in fabric.

The high wind rating of the stadium’s location required stronger fabrics to be used. The roof design is a cantilever horseshoe shape inspired by the pandanus plant. Three-quarters of stadium seating is sheltered by the tensioned fabric roof. 17056

Photo credit: Andrew Rankin Photography

Location: Townsville, QLD Australia
Completion Date: 2019
Size: 12,116sqm (130,416sqft)
Fabric: Chukoh FGT-800; FGT-1000; Serge Ferrari TX30