Dreamworld Sky Voyager

The Dreamworld iRide Sky Voyager is a new attraction at the Gold Coast amusement park, due to open in 2019. Funded by Dreamworld (Ardent Leisure), we were contracted by Alder Constructions for the design and construction of a custom architectural exterior entry structure. The Sky Voyager ride is a world-class flying simulator which will be the first of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere!

There are two structures: a large and a small shade structure. The design is a cantilever constructed box section with unique steel curvature and a structural box gutter edge. The client requested a shade solution that was functional in providing weather protection but could also add to the ambience and aesthetic of the new attraction. All of the beams of the shade canopy are made up of custom tapered box sections of differing radii which makes for an intriguing and impressive finished product.

The final results of the Dreamworld iRide project were excellent. The structures met the shade coverage requirements and provide a good amount of weather protection to the patrons queuing below the canopy.

We completed delivery within the given time frame and the client is very pleased with the end results. The finished canopy looks exactly as intended, matching the rendered images from the preliminary artist impressions. 19034


2020 STA Award for Excellence (Category 13): Dreamworld Sky Voyager

Location: Commera, QLD Australia
Completion Date: 2018
Size: 260sqm (2,800sqft)
Fabric: Chukoh FGT-800 PTFE