13114B, Pacific Fair Porte, PTFE, 2016, FA 4 BANNER


As part of the $670 million Pacific Fair Redevelopment in 2016, Fabritecture was contracted by Scentre Group to deliver the design and construction of the steel & fabric for two custom architectural fabric structures: The Resort Roof and Porte Cochere entry structure. The structures were designed to become key architectural features for the Resort Area of the upgrade.

The Resort Roof provides a functional weatherproof aesthetic feature that covers the first level promenade while leaving the ground level centre open, creating a bright and airy space.

The spectacular Porte Cochere crowns the main entry point of the centre, incorporating the shape of a whale’s tail in the design to represent the Gold Coast.

Highlights from the case study:

  • Design process
  • Fabrication of complex architectural steel and PTFE fabric panels
  • The structural systems & 3D modelling
  • Our innovative installation methodology
  • Materials used
  • On site collaboration, construction and maintenance
  • Awards won by the Pacific Fair Redevelopment project


Click below to download the full Pacific Fair Redevelopment case study:

13114 - Pacific Fair CS Cover

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