Are your sports facilities limited by weather? Are you looking for a cost-effective, weatherproof solution for your sporting facilities? Whether you’re wanting to cover a stadium, local sports hall or something in between, Fabritecture sports and recreation structures can help.

Our sports structures range from local sports halls and school gymnasiums right up to stadiums and grandstands. We can provide you with a completely customised solution. We have two distinctive categories of sports facilities available:

  • Bespoke Architectural Sporting Structures, and
  • Sports & Recreational Fabric Structures


Our bespoke architectural sporting structures focus on innovation and creativity. Architectural membranes reshape the way we think about architecture and sporting venues. We have the capability to surpass design limitations set by traditional materials, allowing boundaries to be pushed.

The sports & recreational fabric structures range offer product-based structures with fast installation, affordable options and customisable accessories. Framing is available in either aluminium or structural steel are fully relocatable.

In either case, Fabritecture structures are guaranteed to be high quality, and are delivered with exceptional customer service, expert project management and a safe, organised installation.


Bespoke Architectural Sporting Structures

We love sport. That’s why we’re passionate about utilising ambitious lightweight architecture to create iconic structures that help create sporting legacies.

Our “Fabric Architecture” projects are our bespoke (custom) tensile fabric structure projects. We also create a range of “Special Projects” that combine steel and other forms of cladding where builders and architects struggle to find contractors to complete the works.

Bespoke architectural sporting structures are perfectly designed for stadiums, state sporting centres, outdoor pools, car park structures, entrances and walkway covers, as well as cultural and sporting entertainment venues. These structures are ideal for clients looking to create impressive sporting and entertainment venues.

Fabritecture specialises in realising complex designs and complicated structural framework into existence. Each Fabritecture project is uniquely designed and installed by our in-house Project Management and Installation team.

We offer turnkey design & construction contracts to ensure we meet your program on time and on budget. Quality, safety and customer satisfaction are our top priorities.  

Completed bespoke architectural sporting structures include:


Sports & Recreational Fabric Structures

Our Sports & Recreational “Fabric Structure” projects refer to our modular and product-based range of structures. These structures utilise either aluminium or structural steel framing options to create an enclosed facility to suit your needs.

Sports fabric structures are perfect for:

  • Gymnasiums
  • Indoor tennis courts
  • Netball
  • Multisport venues
  • Aquatic centres
  • Equestrian activities
  • Cultural and sporting entertainment venues


Our sports & rec fabric structures are best suited to those looking for a cost-effective, relocatable and quickly installed solution.

We have a wide range of optional extras to help customise each fabric structure to suit the needs and gaming requirements of each sport. Accessories such as lighting, air conditioning, internal liners for acoustic control and retractable walling systems are available.

Feel free to contact us to discuss your specific requirements. We are more than happy to provide a free consultation and quote to help you decide which structure is right for your project.

Completed sports & recreational fabric structures include:


Click Image Below to Take a Sporting Facility Virtual Tour

Click the image below to see what it’s like inside one of our sports facilities, you can take a virtual tour around the Santa Cruz Warriors Arena:

Santa Cruz Warriors Club project by Fabritecture.

Santa Cruz Warriors Club (2012)


Services We Offer

  • Turnkey delivery
  • Supply & install
  • We manage all aspects of the job, delivering a completed project in a shorter time frame than any building alternative
  • Our team includes designers, engineers, architects, fabricators, fabric suppliers, builders and project managers.


Why Work with Fabritecture?

  • Safety is our biggest priority
  • Complete design and engineering services
  • Experienced and dedicated project management team
  • You work with the same project management team from start to finish
  • All Fabritecture projects are overseen by our Operations Manager and Managing Director
  • Cost-effective global supply chain
  • ISO 9001 certified
  • In-house specialist rigging team so your installation is reliable
  • Turnkey design & construct contracts
  • Maintenance contracts available


Head to our Portfolio to view the rest of our Sports, Recreation and Aquatic projects.

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