15235, Chermside, Aluminium, 2017, SP 98 lo res

Special Projects

Fabritecture is well-known for bespoke tensioned membrane and ETFE clad structures and facades, but did you also know that we have a wealth of experience in complex structural steel and artistic aluminium cladding panels?

We have the ability to take on “Special Projects” as a D&C package where builders and architects struggle to find contractors to complete the works.

Over the last 16 years we have successfully delivered over 400 projects, many of these projects have been both highly complex and spectacular focal points of a development. Working on these projects has provided Fabritecture with unrivalled experience in complex geometry  and prototyping with new materials and techniques to develop and prove a concept. We work with many different materials including Steel, Stainless steel, Aluminium, Woven Mesh, Cable, ETFE, and textiles to deliver ambitious and innovative architecture.

Our team is experienced and ready to perform on the most challenging and visionary projects.


Our Projects

14063-elizabeth-etfe-2015-fa-23 Elizabeth Quay

The Elizabeth Quay Ferry Canopy is an innovative fabric architectural ETFE structure with custom printed artwork and an ...

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15235, Chermside, Aluminium, 2017, SP 154 lo res Westfield Chermside Urchin

As part of the Westfield Chermside AUD$355 million redevelopment, Fabritecture was contracted for the fabrication and c...

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Verrierdale Tent House, Special Project, Fabric House Verrierdale Tent House

The Verrierdale Tent House is a custom residential canopy structure, designed by Sparks Architects. Fabritecture design...

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14153, Warringah, ETFE, 2016, FA 34 Warringah Mall ETFE Atrium

As part of Warringah Mall’s $310 million redevelopment, Fabritecture was contracted for the design and supply of 4 lar...

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